Completely Hide Comments

Is there a way to write a comment for a word or phrase, but not have the word highlighted?

I sometimes look up a word, say “backyard” to see if it should be one word or two. Three months down the road, I might forget, and when doing proofreading, end up looking it up again.

Thus, I’d like to highlight that word, and add a comment such as “Yes, this is one word, I checked.”

However, I don’t want to see that highlighting unless I’m actually proofreading. Is there any way to do that with comments or some other feature?

BTW, it would be nice to highlight a word or phrase, right-click it, and choose Comment. That’s the way many would expect it to work (rather than looking on the “Format” menu).

I don’t think there’s a special feature for that, but this might be a useful workaround:

Once you’re done with verifying that backyard is only one word, you might right click on the comment entry at the Inspector pane and change is colour to white (or whatever colour you use as the page background). It will still be a comment (as you will notice because it’s within two little red brackets) but would look less intrusive, IMHO.

A workaround for this might be to customize the toolbar and add the comment button. I have all four annotation buttons in there. Quite handy.

Hope this helps!

There is no way to hide the comments, but this is something we’re considering for the future. As r6d2 suggested, matching the comment’s colour to the editor page colour is the best way for now to reduce the visual impact of the comment.

In addition to the format bar button, there’s also the Ctrl+F4 shortcut, which you can change in Options if you wish.

Okay, thanks.