completely stopped working

I downloaded and installed the windows beta yesterday (30th). I played around with it for awhile, did the tutorial and figured out how it would work the best with me and filled in a bunch of synopsis cards. I liked how I could drag and drop to rearrange the cards, etc.
This morning I had to restart my computer because something locked it up. Now Scrivener is completely unusable. I’ve uninstalled completely, restarted the computer, even restored to a save point from yesterday but the program just doesn’t work (and I downloaded the bug update). I was able to load the saved project (until I deleted them all) and start a new one but I can’t click on any buttons. The only thing I can do is type in the main box. The inspector is there but can’t click on any of it. Can’t click on any of the buttons in the editor, can’t click on the menu items, can’t change from outline to corkboard to binder, etc.
Nothing works. I have no idea what happened.
I’m running XP SP2 (I think) and it worked fine 24 hours ago. I really liked the program and thought it would be a great help to me to organize my thoughts but now it won’t work at all.
I was hoping to use it for NaNo this year but seeing as I have just over an hour before I start writing that isn’t going to happen.

found out what my problem was but have no idea why it became an issue or what to do about it.
I have a Wacom Bamboo tablet hooked to my computer. I tried reinstalling the program again but I was still having the same issues. I noticed when I’d try to click on certain buttons it acted as if a different button was already active and nothing would happen. I was only able to get the menu buttons to work by right clicking on one repeatedly (bringing up the spell check menu from the main edit box) and then clicking on one of the menu options. But none of the other buttons worked.

So just to see what would happen I got out the pen that goes to the tablet and low and behold everything works just fine.

The thing is the program was working fine before with the mouse and tablet. My mouse actually broke several days ago (the scroll wheel doesn’t work any more) so yesterday I found my old tablet mouse and it works with this one. That’s the only thing I changed since the program stopped responding. But I tried both of them and neither worked.

Very strange. I can use it with the pen but that’s just annoying so I have to figure out why it got all wonky all of a sudden.

I’ve encountered similar weirdness with the Bamboo tablet in other programs (and on the Mac, too), so it may not be a Scrivener problem at all, or may be down to some weird interaction between the two. You might start by double-checking to make sure the tablet is installed correctly, has all its options just so, etc.


I just updated the drivers. Still not working with the mouse.
The only other thing I’ve ever had trouble with was my printer on my other computer running Vista (which isn’t working at the moment). I eventually fixed the problem, though. All my other programs run just fine with the tablet.
It’s just really weird that Scrivener was working fine one night and the next day I can’t use it at all with the mouse. It’s obviously just me and my computer/tablet but I can’t figure out what the deal is. Since my mouse broke, though, I’m thinking of upgrading to the new touch tablets (I used to have a keyboard with a touch pad mouse and really miss it).