Complicated header structure

This may not be possible but I’d appreciate any advice.

I have a manuscript for a novel and to keep things together, I have created a section within the Front Matter folder for the synopsis. When I compile (into PDF) this is what I include:
Front matter

  • Title page
  • Synopsis
  • All chapters

I don’t want a header on the title page but I’d really like to have a unique header for the synopsis - one that says SYNOPSIS instead of a page number:

Front matter

  • Title page - no header
  • Synopsis - header with format ‘Name / Doc title / SYNOPSIS’
  • All chapters - header with format ‘Name / Doc title / Page number (starting at 1)’

I have worked out how to start the ‘normal’ header at page 1 from the correct point, but I either have to have no header at all on all front matter or the alternative header on both title and synopsis.

I guess what I really need is to be able to have an alternative header for the First Pages, but switch off the header altogether on the title page.

Is there any way to create this format at the moment? Thanks in advance for your help.

If your synopsis is longer than a single page, you can probably get the effect you want by selecting the Page Settings compile option for “No header or footer on single pages”. Then by using the synopsis header for the first pages, you’d suppress the header/footer for the single-page title page but include it for the rest of the front matter. You’d then start the regular header/footer following the front matter. It does mean if you have any single page documents within your manuscript (meaning a document bounded by set page breaks), they won’t have the header/footer either. Usually that’s just what you want, though, e.g. if you have your manuscripts broken into parts and have a nice “PART ONE” page at the start of each, with the chapter then beginning on the next page, that Part One page won’t have the header/footer.

If your synopsis is a single page, that option won’t work. In that case, you’ll need to compile to RTF first and set up the headers in a word processor with more tools for doing so, then print to PDF from there.

Thanks! I’ll try those options out.