Compliments and Footnotes Suggestion

I love Scrivener, and love the generous atmosphere surrounding your product! I have been using the program on and off for the better part of a year now, and love the intuitive way it works and grows with my material.
I have one request/suggestion:
I write academic articles, using bottom of page footnotes or endnotes.
I know Scrivener is not a word processor, but wonder if it would be possible to make a little place to put footnotes NOT in the text (like a little separator) so that when I export to rtf and then open in Mellel or Nisus or Word, the notes could then all go to the bottom of the page. Or perhaps there is some other way to expedite citations that are NOT in-text.
Perhaps there would be a way to number the notes, and then have a script that converts them to footnotes or endnotes?
This is the one limitation that keeps me from using Scrivener more freely and completely.
Just one for the quixotic wish-list pile.
Thanks again for the great software!

Hi Mars,

Many thanks for the kind words. Scrivener 2.0 will have a different way of doing footnotes (although those who like the current method will most likely be able to do it that way too). 2.0 will allow you to keep comments and footnotes in the inspector, out of the text - at least, that’s the plan. Then they will get placed at the end in the exported RTF or print-out, as now. Hopefully that will be pretty much what you want, if I understand you correctly.

Thanks again and all the best,

Sounds fantastic. Now if you can just get it to make me a Latte in the morning, AND write my Literature, too…THEN I could just sit back and watch it like a TV show.
Thanks for your great product and support, Keith.
Best wishes,

Erm … for me, while in Scrivener, Foot/Endnotes are inline within a grey cartouche, and when exported appear as footnotes at the bottom of the appropriate page in Nisus. Without wishing to appear patronising:

  1. Are you not by any chance entering your notes as annotations — red cartouche — rather than as foot/endnotes, in which case they well export inline?
  2. In the “Text options” page of the “Compile Draft” dialog, you can select either footnotes or endnotes; you can’t have both, some would consider unfortunately.
  3. You are using “Compile Draft” to create your RTFs, not “Export Files”?
    Hope that helps.

I like the idea of keeping the footnotes in the inspector. Good thinking. Hope that works out!

Not patronizing at all, since it works! Patronize away! :smiley: Glad I asked.
I use the grey cartouche but have to remember to push the footnote button again. It worked when I exported the file, I assume that is preferable?

Interesting new feature / option! But I don’t quite understand how exactly the footnotes in the inspector will then be linked to their place in the text. Will they both be numbered? And will it be possible to jump between text and notes by selecting these numbers?

I too like the idea of notes in the inspector.

I’m currently working on a translation and critical edition and I had to stop using scrivener :frowning: for this very reason (notes in line in th text [gray cartouche]) as some of the notes extend for a sceen lenght or more in reference to a word or sentnece making the ptocess of revising the translated material imposible (because of the great interruption caused by the note). Meanwhile, if some one has a suggestion on how to work arround the issue i’m having I’m willing to learn.


It’s a big problem for me, too. As a work-round, I put notes in the Document Notes panel, at the side of the text, numbering them manually. I can just about get away with this, as I don’t have many footnotes, but I’m not looking forward to the work of re-inserting them into the main text prior to compiling the final draft. I hope that Version 2 of Scrivener will provide a proper solution to this.


Hi Martin,

As stated above, it will. :slight_smile: Footnotes can go in the inspector and get exported as footnotes without any extra work in 2.0.


It sounds like it works already after all, and will have even more options in 2.0.
OK, here is one more question.
Is there be a way…to have the footnote cartouche automatically appear and disappear when you use Bookends to import a reference (so that you skip the step of clicking footnote before and after?)
Not picky or anything.
Actually I ask, because whenever I do it seems there is already something I didn’t know about…the step of clicking on footnote before and after entering one is something I always forget…
Thanks again,

I am writing my dissertation with Scrivener and I actually like the notes in the middle of the document. I will later work on in it Mellel, but in the meantime I like it that the notes are right there. Sometimes they get a bit long, but I find it helps me work better.

While we’re on the topic of notes and exporting…I have two questions.

  1. When I export the document, or “compile draft,” the font is always 18 pt. I am not sure if this is a Scrivener or Mellel issue.
  2. The footnotes are fine, except that they begin at 1 with each page. Again, I am not sure if this is a Scrivener or Mellel issue.

Thanks for a great program.

  1. Check your compile format override settings in the last tab, you might have a large font set up here.

  2. Yes, font numbering is entirely handled by Mellel. Scrivener doesn’t handle any of the numbering upon export. You’ll need to adjust the note stream options to make numbering continuous across pages.

Thanks. I did a little tinkering and it seems to be working out with a minimal amount of fixing required in Mellel. I am using a lot of Hebrew and sometimes it needs a little fine tuning. Back to the dissertation.