Complitation without images

Hello !
When I compile my document including images in MS Word format, the images are not compile in the document ! There is no image in the .doc document !
What is my rookie mistake ?
Thank’s for your help !

What program are you opening the compiled Word file in? If you open it in a program that doesn’t fully support the Word format, the images may not show. For instance, if you open a Word file in TextEdit, it won’t show any of the images.
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I use Pages 5.5.2 (with Yosemite).

I open my document with MS Word 2011 for Mac and there is no image !

If I compile the document in PDF format, the images are well displayed !

Any idea ?

It sounds as though the compiler might be falling back on the standard system exporters rather than using Scrivener’s Java-based exporter which is much better.

Which version of OS X are you running?

What happens if you export to RTF and open the RTF file in Word?