Compose: Insertion point transparency makes it hard

When in Compose mode, the insertion point has a transparency that makes it very hard to spot in black background settings. Is there any way to make it better visible, or even change it’s color? It seems to me that this is a recent problem, I never encountered it being so hard to spot until some time now.

Edit: Just to be clear: This was also an issue without line highlighting, and even with the current one – dark blue – it is hard to spot. Yet to spot the cursor position quickly is very important for example when proofreading.

I’m not sure there is if you’ve chosen to over-ride the Editor text colour in Composition mode – the block cursor colour looks to be based on the Composition text colour automatically.

I think it’s made worse in your case by the clash between your background colour and the text colour – so perhaps you could try tweaking one or both of the settings (and with the highlight edited line colour of course…) I find the cursor perfectly identifiable with this combination, for example…

The other more drastic option you can take is not to turn off the automatic text colour conversion option in Composition mode and have the same colours as in the normal editor – that does allow you to change the cursor colour. But then you’ll have to set up the normal editor to be the way you want it.