Compose mode background

Several months ago I read about a typewriter background image for Compose mode. I installed it, but now wish to uninstall it and can’t figure out how. In the process of trying (No background is selected, but hasn’t deleted the image) I made such a mess of Compose that it is no longer useable (multiple layers of text on top of the typewriter image). Is there a way to reset everything to the original mode?


Background fade might help while in composition mode.

[attachment=1]background fade.png[/attachment]

Or you can reset defaults in preferences.



Briar Kit

Thanks, I thought the Defaults would do it, but no luck, it didn’t change a thing. Thanks for the response…

Ah, does for me.

Even selecting Background > Use Default Colour doesn’t work on your Mac?

[attachment=0]compose background.png[/attachment]

Have you tried entering compose mode, pressing CMD , (CMD comma) to bring up Preferences, and then tweaking compose mode in real time (rather than switching in and out, in and out)? Makes any difference?

How about when you are in composition mode and choosing View > Composition Backdrop > No Backdrop?

Sounds as though a preference setting is “stuck” in some way. … references

Presume you’ve tried restarting Scrivener and the Mac?

Have you tried reinstalling?

Hope one of the mods will be able to provide a solution for you.

Wish I could help more.


Briar Kit