compose mode - can you make it look like a compiled novel?

I am currently toying with scrivener as a demo and near to purchase. Probably get through a few questions first.
Can you setup compose mode view so that it looks more like a novel? I find it helpful to see when I’ve actually done a standard novel page via a visual cue.
Here’s what I would ideally like to see when in compose mode -

Ideal Chapter 1st page whilst in compose mode?

Ideal visual novel page break whilst in compose mode?

I think what you are looking for is Page Layout View in Scrivener. (Accessible by menu or by the Wrap button on the toolbar.)

  1. If you are just looking for the look and feel of pagination, this view should do you just fine.

  2. However, it only gives you a rough and ready view of what your compiled output might look like – compiling is almost infinitely flexible, so it is not trying to show you what your finished output will really look like – in detail.

It is a view mode originally designed for scriptwriters – for whom pages are a significant unit of composition (there being a rough association between screen/performance minutes and pages). But no doubt many folks use it because they just like that feeling of pagination.

Page Layout View is not available in Compose Mode per se (as far as I know), but it is available in Full Screen mode.

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thanks gr :slight_smile: