Compose Mode: Fade the Quickreference window ?

I have my Compose window all set up perfectly for me. Medium grey editing background, faded periphery. It all works great.

I am trying to use open quickreference windows to show me some of my notes from separate documents as I write. I have set the background of quickreference windows to a subdued colour but the window structure itself and scrolling area stay bright … is there any way to fade this ? as it really stands out on the page.

Give the QuickReference Panels use black translucent “HUD” style option a try, in the Appearance preference pane. You will need to reload the project to test it on items you’ve already opened, but you can see what it looks like immediately by opening a panel on something you haven’t yet opened within the session.

PERFECT … Many thanks.When I was going through preferences I didn’t realise the meaning of HUD :slight_smile: