Compose mode features missing?


I’m running 3.1.5 and have noticed changes in the Compose Mode. Previously (and as still shown in the manual), you would have paper position, paper width, and background fade sliders. These are missing for me — is this a bug or have these options been removed? I know about the light and dark options, but I liked that the Compose Mode previously was highly customisable. Now it seems it’s either on or off, no varying anything but text size.


Those options still exist. Move your mouse down to the bottom of your screen to make them appear.


Thanks, but I have moved my mouse to the bottom, and I see the dock pop up with other options — just not these. See screenshot. Any ideas?

Very odd.

On my system, the sliders appear in that space on the left that is blank in your screenshot. If you click your mouse there, does anything happen?

What version of Mac OS do you have?


Nothing happens. I’ve tried clicking everywhere, and this has been an issue since the latest Scrivener update.

I’m running the latest OS, Catalina 10.15.3.

I have the same problem on two different Macbooks, both running that. :-l

Huh. Very odd.

Just this project, or all of them?


You should try reinstalling the software, UI glitches like this are often fixed by that.

Man, I’m an idiot. I’ve had this problem before, back in 2018.

So I have to toggle Page View off WITHIN Compose Mode to have those feature reappear. If I go out of Compose, toggle Page View off, then go back in, they’re still hidden.

You’d think I could remember that this has happened more than once -_-

Thanks for your help,

Ah, yes.

If you’re in Page View, Compose Mode will always show you the full page, so you won’t be able to change paper width or position. And Compose Mode maintains its own Page View setting, independent of the main editor.

Glad to hear you’ve figured it out.