Compose Mode (fka: "Full Screen") text height

Has the behavior of the text area height adjustment changed recently? It used to shrink from the bottom up, and only started coming down from the top of the screen after a number of “inches” of height from the bottom had been achieved. Now it shrinks from both the top and bottom in equal measure. I much preferred this over the Typewriter Scrolling feature, which jumps the text around when I go back a few lines to correct a typo.

Could we one day have another set of position controls for vertical placement to compliment the horizontal placement (shrink from: top, bottom, both)? A control which only appears when the option key is depressed, maybe?

Update: Changed the name of this older thread, so no one is confuses about what is being talked about. What is now called “Composition Mode” on the Mac version used to be called “Full Screen Mode”, before Apple created a feature of the same name.

Hi Robert,

Yes, as noted in the release notes, this behaviour has changed, as most users seemed to find the previous behaviour annoying or confusing, wanting to set margins at the top and bottom. I’m not sure about a positional control for vertical position, but I won’t rule it out. :slight_smile:

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I would like to second this request. Being able to move where the typewriter-style page is positioned would be useful to me.

What I am really looking to do is move the position of the line that is selected as the “eye-level” of your writing. To be able to move up or down the “current line” while in Typewriter scrolling mode would be very useful to me as I find the position is too low for my eye-line when I use a laptop.

Thank you for your help.


If I’ve understood you correctly, you can adjust the vertical position of the Typewriter scroll line in Preferences > Editor > Editing Options > Typewriter scroll line. This works in both Editor and Composition mode.



Thanks for pointing out that option, David, I missed it.

Being able to move the position of a paper that is shortened in height would still be useful to fine tune the exact spot my “eye-level” is however.