Composition backdrop

I want to use an Apple desktop picture for my composition backdrop but when I select the .jpg from ‘View’ and choose composition backdrop menu option, nothing happens. When I select the .jpg under ‘choose texture’ within compose preferences, the image shows up but replicated. How would I get singular large image for an Apple desktop picture?

Many thanks!

It doesn’t, normally speaking anyway, require anything special. I used the View/Composition Backdrop/Choose… menu command, navigated to the system /Library/Desktop Pictures folder, and selected ‘Blue Pond.jpg’. I then enable Composition Mode, and the backdrop shows up as expected, filling the screen (only once). Is that similar to what you’re doing, and if so, what kind of result do you get? Is the background black instead of the default colour (you may need to temporarily select another backdrop colour to verify that, since the default is black).

Thanks for responding. Yes, after following the steps, the backdrop in composition mode is all black.