Composition Background Images

When using composition mode, could you make it so that I could easily change background images? I have a folder with a large number of images to use as background. Currently, you use the menu, open a window, select an image, and the window immediately disappears. But often the image I selected from the thumbnail just doesn’t work as I had hoped, or sets the wrong environment. Or I want to post an image of a place or person I am writing about as the background. Can the window stay open for more selections, until you confirm the one you want? What I am thinking of is the desktop picture selector in Mac’s System Preferences. When you select a picture, the window stays on screen until you close it, so you can play around with various possibilities. And could the button be added to the ribbon at the bottom of the page for quicker access? This seems like a simple fix (though I am not a coder).

Whoa! I really hate to complain–version 3 is beautiful. But getting to the composition backdrop on the fly is now evener harder than it was in 2! Is there anyway to streamline this while in full screen mode?

I have this on my list for a minor update.
All the best,