Composition Mode and Project Targets

I imagine my little wish could be negated with discipline and practice. However, I’ll give it a go anyway.
I use Show Project Targets often enough when editing that I had grown used to Shift-CMD-T to show the popup window of the current target status, then Escape to close the popup. More recently, I have also gotten used to Composition Mode. It is my misfortune that I cannot prevent myself from doing the Escape key intending to close the popup, instead, taking the program out of Composition Mode. And then, the popup window is no longer the focus, so I either have to click on it to make it focused or heavens, do Shift-CMD-T to close it.
Is it just me, or should it be intuitive that the Escape key closes the currently focused popup window, regardless of the mode one is in? Or, should I just keep practicing Shift-CMD-T?

IIRC there’s a toggle somewhere in Preferences for Composition mode – you can choose whether Escape closes Composition mode or not.

Then you’d have to close composition mode with cmd-opt-F, which may be a little easier to get used to as the Escape key will continue to close pop-ups.

@brookter does recall correctly. You can opt at Scrivener Preferences > Compose. (Scriv
Screen Shot 2017-08-16 at 8.05.54 AM.png

YILB. It would never have occurred to me to look for a setting to address that issue. Scrivener is the best! Thank you for the replies.