Composition mode (and scrivenings), margin bug

Windows 11, UHD.
Fixed-width editor. Default editor width 492 points.
Editor margins: left|right 10 points, top|bottom 10 points.
When I use view the group’s subdocuments as scrivenings, when I justify the paragraph, the last letter in the line gets cut off. When I add a new document, I get this result.

Please, fix this, it’s very frustrating…

Played with editor width and could not reproduce. In options >editing>formatting what does it look like and could you set a different font and see if get same effect???
Is this project specific or across all your projects and when did this start.
What version are you at?

I’ve merged this with an existing bug report. Let me know if what you’re seeing is different in some detail, but it looks to be the same issue as reported above. The workaround is given in this post.

If you use a single document view, everything will be fine.

Yes, indeed, setting the left|right margins to 20 points helped. Thank you.
As for the second part, when inserting a new document, this bug is fixed by pressing the “ENTER” key.
In any case, it’s not very convenient.

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Thanks, glad the wider margin helps. The weird cropping and tall vertical spacing that occurs when adding a new item into a current session is unrelated. I don’t think it has been commented on since the public beta days, there might be an old thread on it, but as far as I know it is unavoidable, but as you note it goes away rather quickly once you write more than a paragraph.

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