Composition Mode Backdrop Not Updating?

I tried to update my scrivener composition mode backdrop weeks ago, and it’s still just displaying the old image; I’ve restarted scrivener, saved the themes to a file and tried again, reset the theme deafult, deleted the original image file; but it just won’t change, not even to the blank deafault backdrop. I don’t have any issues with the main editior backdrop, that’s fine, but nothing I do can get the composition mode one to change. Anyone know what’s casing this or how to debug it?

Welcome to the forums. It’s a great place to learn a lot.
I’m no expert on composition since I tend not to use it (and often have several files open).
It might help to list exactly what you’re doing to set the backdrop for composition mode (I could not find it). If someone answers without that, it’s all good. but for me to duplicate that, I’d like to know. (I didn’t know the backdrop for composition mode could be changed.)

Are you changing the Composition Mode background in Project> Project Settings > Backgrounds > Composition Mode?
Scrivener probably copies the image you once pointed at to the Application Folder and uses it from there…
Backgrounds are not saved with a Theme (but they probably should). :wink:

Hope this helps

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I bought Scrivener this morning and I have been playing around with themes, and whatever was in composition mode was changing with the theme. It isn’t working now…you are saying that any image that I put into the mode via project > project settings does not change with the theme, and has to be manually changed? Anything that I have been putting into the main text editor by changing the texture has been staying!
Good to know, and strange things are happening!