Composition Mode Backdrop Slowness: Request of Information

Hi all,

Mine isn’t an actual problem, more a request for information. I searched the forum and found only a topic from 2018, not quite specific. So, here “my” issue.

I noticed that adding a “composition mode backdrop” causes Scrivener performance in text-editing to slow down (that is, my Mac slows down: I have a 2018 version of the Mac Mini).

My question to you is: does installing more RAM solve such an issue, or my monitor’s resolution is too high, and it won’t change anything? (My resolution is 3440 x 1440, 21:9. The backdrop I’m using is 7,5 Mbytes size.)

Anyway, it’s not an actual issue, as going back to my simple black background solves it, and I’m happy with the software overall.

Many thanks in advance!

More memory never hurts, but this is probably an issue with image rendering specifically. It would probably be more effective (and less expensive) to downsize the image.

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Thanks for the advice, @kewms.
I will compress it as much as I can without losing too much beauty. Hence test it, and if it doesn’t work out well, continue with the black background.

EDIT: I downsized the image from 7.5 Mbytes to 875 Kbytes (the difference is barely visible; unnoticeable). It indeed helped, but there’s still some lagging. It isn’t smooth as with a plain background, even if I don’t use any transparency on the text background/“paper.”
But, well, it helped as before it was unbearable. So, thanks.

Note: anyway, upgrade my RAM would spread benefits around. More expensive, but highly profitable! :smile:

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