Composition Mode - Background Image Switcher

I recently discovered and have been loving the use of background images in composition mode! This suggestion is a super minor convenience request :slight_smile:

If possible, I would love a dropdown of some sort (such as on the bottom control strip) that would allow you to quickly swap between a selection of different background images. I love to switch them up as the locations change in the story, but when I’m revising and moving quickly from scene to scene, it becomes a little disruptive to have to open the Project Settings menu and navigate to a new image to change it each time. Like I said, it’s minor and by no means a huge inconvenience, just something that might make the feature even more user friendly! :slight_smile:

I appreciate all you do! Thanks for making such a great product!


I would love to add my “Amen to that!” to this.

It would be awesome to be able to change the background image on the go, while in Full Screen mode. I would also use it for different times of the day. In other words, different things inspire me if it’s before dawn (at the time of my first coffee), and if it’s late, after dinner.

Another reason to switch background images on the go, could be set automatically in Scrivener, according to the percentage of words written in some document. A different image could show automatically once I pass 50% of word target, and another one in the final sprint, let’s say - after 95% has been reached.

Oh that would be WONDERFUL! Yeah, like you reach 2,000 words, and it changes to something else. Or you reach 20% of your writing goal for the day and it changes. Yeah, that would be spectacular. Or maybe combine both these feature requests into one: The switching according to word count, and the little menu on the bottom bar in Composition mode that allows you to switch between images. That would be fantastic. Man oh man, would that. be great!

Old, but 1+ for this. I keep all my background folders in a Backdrops image, but I need to go through Project Settings dialog to switch it.

Perhaps someone (by which, of course, I mean someone more knowledgable and motivated than I) has created an AutoHotKey script as a background quick switcher?

(Yes, this is an off-handed request to the community…)