Composition Mode Background (undiscussed dark side)

Friends and strangers,

 I need distraction free.  I love that there is an option to pick a texture for background.

What I hate is the limitations and incoherence of how to actually craft your own image that fits your computer.

I looked up resolution of my mac 15.4" (2880x1880)
those images dont fit the screen i get a percentage of the actual image.

I may find an image that fits at 1920 x 1080 that fits nicely
but then I get another image that is 1941 x 1028 and it gets put into tiles all over the screen

All web info shows YES! you can insert a background in comp mode but nowhere does it tell you

what size/resolution to customize your image.

With all the editors that exist (photoshop,gimp) a person could craft a custom image if they had the technical parameters needed.

Then to top it all off YOU better hope you dont get the FILE IMAGE SIZE TOO BIG message.

So Im pulling my hair out with this one. Can I please get some direction on ALL the technical details/requirements needed to craft your own custom comp mode background? please thank you

The specifications will differ from screen to screen, so it’s hard to specify parameters. However, I will say that there are two ways to set the Composition mode background: one is through Preferences and one is through Project Settings. The Project Settings route tends to be more foolproof and not result in tiling. I’d try that option if you’ve been going through the Preferences menu thus far.

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Yes, to confirm, the setting in Appearance is strictly meant for selecting smaller texture images that are meant to tile, like paper or leather textures—hence calling the button Choose Texture. Setting the image as a backdrop in Project Settings is the way to go.

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Thank you Amber.
Yeah I think I remember visiting project settings and wanting a solution that wasnt project based, but in every project and associated with COMPOSITION MODE not project.

You are right that does work and I actually prefer it now. To be more editorial about it, I thought id be able to find one composition mode background that put me in that mood and I feel like per Project could work better,

The interwebs like this is where I learned the texture thing. They say “or large image” so yeah. All good thanks. I still wouldnt be mad if you guys did a global background for composition mode.

For project settings, and this goes for everything, you could consider creating your own derivative template that has this setting all ready to go. The template system is your go-to for all of the little things you might adjust in a project that you would prefer all or most projects work like.

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Ironically enough, I took your advice and took a stab at the template. Where the only thing customized is the composition background from project settings. I named my project and then saved as template. However, ever since then Scrivener has been kind of randomly shutting down when a file is opened or closed. Despite other projects being open. I dont ever remember seeing that behavior before. The issue im now seeing coincided with the creation of the template. I may delete template to test my theory but just saying.

I really doubt that would cause crashing when opening and closing projects—unless I suppose that means you only tend to use one project at a time, and so in between doing so the template window comes up. Then, maybe some aspect of how the template was saved, and what it would need to “tell” the template window, could explain instability.

Rather than deleting it, I would advise right-clicking on it and exporting as a file, and then deleting it. You could then send a copy of that to technical support, along with your system and software version info, and we can try to reproduce it.