Composition Mode Background

How do I set a background image for Composition Mode in Scrivener 3?

Seems to me in S2 it was in the view menu, right above or below the “Enter Composition Mode” menu. But it’s not there in S3, and I don’t seem to be able to find it.


Preferences -> Appearance, Composition mode in the left list, Screen background in the middle, Choose texture

Close but no cigar.

Per attached screenshot, “Texture” does not permit the use of an actual background image file.

The files I imported from S2 to S3 had background image files, so I’m reasonably certain this is doable in S3, just gotta find the right place to set it. But so far, despite the lead offered here, I haven’t found the right place to set it.

Try again?



I guess I was just lucky then when I set the background image… :wink:

Project > Project Settings > Background Images?


That worked for me. Nice find!

Project > Project Settings > Background Images

Yeah, that was it. I think that’s a new feature w S3 good to know it’s there.