Composition Mode: Current Line Highlight colour

Is it intended for there to not be a Options > Appearance > Composition Mode > Colours > Current Line Highlight setting? Instead, it appears to pull from the Main Editor settings.

Seeing as in my setup the text colours are inverted between main editor and comp mode, this means enabling line highlighting ends up unreadable in one or the other dependent on what colour I pick.

It’s there in the Mac Version, so presumably it’s either on the list for inclusion, or there’s a technical difficulty with the way they have to implement composition mode on Windows.

The setting you are looking for (unless I’m mistaking something) is under the ‘Options’ tab not the ‘Colors’ tab.

Or am I missing something obvious?

I am talking about changing the colour of the highlight. I thought I made it very clear in the OP.

Yes, that’s the only setting. I can see how that would be a problem for you.:confused:

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If I leave it on the default yellow, switching to composition mode gives me white text on a yellow background. If I switch it to something darker, using it in the main editor results in black text on a dark grey background. I tried medium grey, but it looked bad on both sides.

Only suggestion I have is to go for a weaker, more subtle highlight color. That default yellow, if it’s the one I’m thinking of, is way too strong and bright.

Experiment and try out colors you might not normally reach for. You may be surprised at what works with both white and black text.

The default for me is #fffae3. I’ll see if I can find a better colour.

This is what I have found works well for me during the recent upgrade, in case it is useful for anyone else - my 2cents worth:

Using a softer current line highlighter. As the intent of composition mode is to reduce distractions with minimal interface, use the same colors (colours) on composition as the main editor for a seamless flow.
Same for selected text - appearance is common between main editor and composition mode.

Monitor settings for color temperatures can affect outcomes - have a dual monitor setup and view both main editor and composition mode side by side.

Scrivener 3.0 for Windows.
Theme is: Dark Mode
Main Editor & Composition Mode:

  • Current Line Highlight: rgba: (58,59,77,255) or html: #3a3b4d

  • Text Selection Background: rgba: (85,85,255,255) or html: #5555ff

  • Text Selection Text: rgba: (85,255,127,255) or html: #55ff7f

Selected Text:

Hope this helps.

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