Composition Mode doesn't alway hide the taskbar

Not everytime, but often scrivener doesn’t hide the windows taskbar. This means that the composition mode settings are inaccessible, because the taskbar prevent them from becoming visible once they hide.
Other programs are still accessible, so it actually becomes a problem with the use of this mode. If switched to another program, the scrivener icon disappearing means that you can think scrivener isn’t open.

Restarting the program doesn’t resolve this, and it can sometimes happen in the same session as when a previous time it worked correctly.

Are you sure this is a Scrivener problem? I have seen that happen from time to time, but in anything that would use the full screen like that. You have to restart “Windows Explorer” from the Task Manager when it happens. Here’s a how-to for that.

I’ve never had this problem with any other program, but I’ll try that next time this happens