Composition Mode doesn't pick up the general settings for links, etc.

There are a number of Settings under Textual Marks > Colors that change what appears in the Editor but don’t seem to be picked up in Composition Mode.

The one I just noticed was Links. I assigned a different link color for my Ocean-themed Editor and when I entered Composition Mode, the prior Links color was used. I suspect this is a general problem, but I didn’t check the other Textual Marks > Colors settings.


On that same subject, it would be nice if Composition Mode automatically picked up all the other color of the Editor — background, selected text color, “Fixed Width” color (the color outside the fixed width of the Editor, etc.

The user, in this model, would still be free to make changes, but the defaults would be to use the Editor settings. In this model, a “Revert to Editor Color Settings” would help help people to return to whatever was set in the Editor.

Right now, if I want to make Composition Mode look like the Editor, the process is intensely manual.


More Composition Mode glitches. (Let me know if these need separate subject lines. I’m exercising Composition Mode these days.)

Ctrl-Shift-L for inserting links doesn’t seem to work. Perhaps my system needs a reboot, but maybe others are seeing this problem too.


One last note for today. I don’t remember in v1 that Composition Mode was that comfortable an environment to work in. Not sure why, but I remember trying it and abandoning it.

The v3 Composition Mode is entirely comfortable; my new favorite in fact for straight-out writing. Nicely done! If it’s made to match the editor in all but what makes it special, it will be a winner.


Just for information, while Mac Scrivener 3 textual marks’ colours are shared by normal editor mode and Composition Mode (and for that matter the Quick Reference and copyholder editors), the rest of the colour controls for the regular editor and Composition Mode are as separate as you describe them in the beta.There’s no way to revert composition mode colours to main editor colours on Mac. It’s likely one of those things that will be changed on both platforms if changed at all. And in the 3 years since Mac Scrivener 3 release, I don’t recall anyone else asking for such a feature in the forums.That’s not to say that L&L won’t surprise me by rolling it out on both platforms Monday! But I wouldn’t wager on it. :smiley: