Composition mode: Feature request: Utilize the Lower half of the screen

I’m afraid I can’t do what I want with composition mode, and must request a small new feature.

I’m using a 27" iMac whose screen is, frankly too high for me. I work in the lower half of the screen whenever I can.
Composition mode places the current doc at the very top of the screen with lots of white space at the bottom. I want the option to place the text lower on the screen, or at least, to be able to MOVE the composition window so that the whitespace is offscreen and my text is near the screen bottom.

Am I missing an option that would allow me to do more or less what I need?

Thanks in advance for your advice.

Composition mode is meant to occupy the whole screen. If you want a smaller writing area you could modify the usual window by hiding both Binder and Inspector and move Scrivener to its own space.
That way you’d get something more like what you want.

While in Composition mode, hold the Option key. That will turn the usual Paper Width slider into a Paper Height slider, and the Paper Position slider will adjust vertically instead of horizontally.


Thanks for introducing me to all those lovely controls that show up at the bottom of the composition screen. I got the result I wanted!