"Composition Mode: "Focus" menue missing

Hello Scrivener Team & Community,

I’m using Scrivener version for Windows. Within Composition Mode, formerly and in tutorial videos too, there has been a “focus” icon in the bottom menue, between “Go To” and “Typewriter”. This was for the behaviour of fading out the (adaptable) areas the cursor is not located.

Within my version, this Focus-Icon is missing. “Instead”, there is a “Style” Icon for selecting text is defined styles.

I did not find a possibility to get back the “Focus” Function. Maybe you’ll find one.

Thank you in advance.

Have you used the Mac version in the past? There is a “Focus” feature there, which fades out everything except for the context around the cursor. Is that what you’re talking about?

If so that hasn’t ever been in the Windows version, it’s on the list of things to do yet.

Dear Amber,

You’re right, it’s about that “Focus” feature you mentioned and I have seen it (due to Scrivener 3) only on Mac/Mac-Videos (I guessed it was Windows, too.) Has it been within the previous Windows Scrivener version?

Then I look forward to the upcoming Scrivener for Windows feature. :slight_smile:


No, Windows Scriv never had this feature.

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