Composition Mode is Translucent showing other computer windows

Background situation:
I’ve been working in 3 separate projects. I can’t find a way to differentiate them visually in the normal modes (which is already tripping me up, especially since they keep swapping around which is left / middle / right to select another one and they all happen to have “2” in the title. Sigh.). Anyway, I’d thought at least they could have different composition mode backgrounds since that seems to attach to project instead of being program-wide like the fixed-width background and all color choices I can find.

The problem/bug:
One of the three has this bug though where, no matter what image I choose, composition mode shows a little of everything else open at the time (so some of the binder of a different scrivener project on the left, and an open folder looking at images to the right. But even if I closed everything it would have a shadow image of my computer desktop.)

The other two projects don’t do this. One of the others is differently weird (in that it grabbed my map somehow and I don’t know where it got that from; 2 of the 3 are newly converted from Scrivener Windows 1) but neither of the others do the semi-transparent background thing.

So…is this a setting that got accidentally turned on and if so how do I turn it off? It’s different than the paper part being transparent to let the background image show a bit (which is working normally), but it’s the same premise. It’s the background image that’s being transparent to let everything else show through a bit which rather defeats the purpose of the de-cluttered composition mode. Ideas? Help?

That setting is a the very bottom of your screen.
It auto-hides.

Hmm. I did try the paper fade, and you’re right that that made the background–and the paper–opaque. Thanks!

There isn’t a separate slider to make the background opaque (so I can’t see the background) but the paper translucent (so I can see the background through the paper). In the other two projects the background remains opaque no matter how transparent or opaque the paper is. So why is one project treating it differently?

If I have to use opaque paper then so be it I guess? It’s a fix that’ll work for now. But it’s still weird. (And the paper opacity like the paper color is Scrivener-wide, so even the other projects that have their backgrounds working normally have to have opaque paper now, or I have to mess with it every single time.)

Your Editor background colors setting can have an Alpha Channel value of less than 255 to make the Editor semi-transparent. But when you set the background fade to opaque, the Editor will also be opaque.