Composition mode loses edit point when in Scrivening view

When I am editing in Scrivening view and I switch to Composition mode, the edit window flips to the very last page of the draft.

Any thoughts on this one folks? So I am editing in Scrivening view, but as soon as I switch to Composition mode, I lose my edit point as the screen is now positioned at the end of the section.

I’m not seeing this at all. My editing point stays the same whether I am in the normal editor or composition mode, whether I have typewriter mode on or off when making the switch. Anything else you can supply? How big is the document?

It’s a large manuscript (100,000 words). However, switching to Scrivenings view, I am handling a much smaller chunk (eg 5000 words, 15 documents) as the manuscript is divided up by sub-folders.

I don’t often use composition mode, but see the same thing on a similarly structured 110K document.