Composition Mode missing background fader & page width options?

I’ve just noticed that composition mode no longer seems to have the options to fade the background varying degrees, or change the width of the “page” size. Have these features been done away with recently or am I somehow missing them?

They should be there as usual in the control bar that appears at the bottom of the screen when you move the mouse to the bottom.

Hmm. They’re not. Unless I’m being incredibly blind, I’m not seeing them. They should be shown here, right?

I think you may have Page View mode on. Try turning it off (cmd-opt-shift-p) and see if the controls appear. (They do for me.) BTW you can still size the paper in Composition mode with cmd-shift-< and >


I was about to say I was being a Muppet and you’re right – you were right in that I had page view on, but I’ve turned it off and I got the same exact thing. This is really weird. :-l

Any other suggestions as to what might be wrong? I closed out the program, opened it again, tried different projects, etc.

Sorry, no. Cmd-opt-shift-p toggles the different footers for me without fail and I can’t think of anything which could cause the problem.

A long, but have you tried turning page view mode off in the editor, then invoking composition mode (rather than toggling it off while you’re in it…)?

Ah… got it. I was doing the opposite, actually. I was going out of composition mode, toggling page view off, opening composition mode, and it was still showing page view (without the options below).

I didn’t realise that toggling page view within composition mode was different to doing it outside of CM. Weird. Okay. Thanks!

Glad it’s sorted!

‘Editor’ mode and Composition mode have independent settings for a couple of things or more — one is Typewriter Mode (and today I’ve learnt that Page View mode is as well…)

The rationale, I think, is that many users tend to use the two modes for different things: eg composition mode for cranking out text, and editor mode for editing (or vice versa), and typewriter mode is more useful for one than the other. Having independent settings means you’re not always having to remember to switch it on or off when you swap modes. I imagine (could be wrong) that the same thinking is behind the independent settings for Page View mode.

That makes sense. I haven’t used typewriter mode so I hadn’t run into that yet. I don’t know why it didn’t occur to me to toggle from within comp. mode but there you go!