composition mode paper position

In addition to the options of placing the paper at the right, middle, and center of the screen in composition mode, it would great to have an option to place it at the top or bottom of the screen.

For this, hold the Option key down when using the control bar at the bottom of full screen - paper width will change to paper height, and paper position will control vertical location.
All the best,

Hey Keith,

thanks for the note. However, for me paper with changes to paper hight but paper position does not change from horizontal to vertical as you mention… Are you sure this is implemented?


I must have been going mad - no, this isn’t implemented and never has been. I think I was thinking about it at one point, but obviously never put it in there after all. Sorry about that. I’ve added it to the list for consideration.

All the best,

I had the same moment myself a week or two ago. I forget what I was writing up, but I found myself halfway through a paragraph on changing the vertical position of the paper, and then checked the actual interface for doing so… er, not doing so. :slight_smile:

I think I had the typewriter scroll position option confused with this in my head. You can now tell the typewriter scrolling effect to happen at different vertical settings on the screen, rather than just being in the middle.

Thanks for your answers. Would love to see this feature in one of the future releases of Scrivener…