Composition Mode problem

When I invoke a Keyboard Maestro macro while in composition mode something odd happens. The ruler appears and the insertion line produces a hard return. The macro does not work, and I’m wondering if Composition mode is not setup for macros.

I’ve just tested a simple Insert Text by Pasting macro in Composition mode and it works fine. (This is on the Beta for V3, but I don’t think that makes a difference.)

What does you macro try to do and what trigger are you using? If you want to post the details I’ll test it here if that would help.

My macro compiles my draft into a plain .tex file

That’s the problem: you can’t compile from Composition mode, so the first shortcut doesn’t do anything, you get two returns and Cmd-R toggles the ruler on.

I’d use a “Select or Show Menu” action for “File”, “Compile…” specifically, instead of the shortcut, as that has a built-in failure state that will cancel the macro if you cannot currently trigger the menu command. I think it will by default, but if not click the gear and check off “Failure Aborts Macro”.

Thank you, that’s what I thought. Composition mode does not take macros. I was able to avoid the shortcuts in the macro but one, thanks for the suggestion! It works well within Scrivener now.

Just to be clear about this, Composition mode DOES take macros if they’re available in the menus. Composition mode disables File > Compile, which is why that specific macro can’t work, not that macros can’t work in Composition mode.

thanks for clarifying it.