Composition mode + Scrivenings mode = cursor at last scene

I upgraded from Scrivener 1 for Windows to Scrivener 3. They have fixed a lot of the problems with Composition Mode and Scrivenings View , but I am still having an issue. I write my novel in parts > chapters > scenes, so I click on a part (top-level folder in Manuscript), and view is correct in the editor (I see all the chapters strung together). But when I press F11 to get to Composition View, the cursor jumps to some place random in the total of 25,000 words or so. [Edit/update: Not just some random place, but the beginning of the last scene in the view.]

This happens every time I start composition mode and every time I make a change (e.g., text zoom, paper width) while in composition mode). It basically makes composition mode useless for Scrivenings View because it doesn’t remember where my cursor is in the document. :frowning:

I have also faced same issue but no fix found till now.

There are indeed a number of issues with preserving one’s place when working in Scrivenings mode. We have them all recorded, but I’m not sure what the status is on fixing them, or whether it would be difficult to do. Even something like adding titles to Scrivenings mode will cause it to scroll all the way back to the top, losing your place.