Composition mode text alignment

Hi there,

I began a new project, which, when in composition mode, the text only takes the left side of the screen.

If I increase the zoom enough (>250% on MacAir, >300% on a secondary 21" screen), the text will take up the whole screen. But, if I set it to 200%, a large part of the right-hand side will go unused (first screenshot).

On other projects, even if the zoom is set to 100% (second screenshot), the text takes up the whole screen.

I’ve got no idea what’s going on. I even saved the settings of the project working fine and loaded it to the one that isn’t working, but that did nothing.

Many thanks for any help.

Just to check the obvious first: if you take your cursor down to the bottom of the screen in Composition Mode, there is a control called “Paper Position” (at least, it is in English…) in the left hand side of the toolbar. Have you perhaps set this to the extreme left by accident?

Nop. It’s centred. I always leave it centred and with maximum paper width.

What I don’t get is how it still behaves like this, even when I uploaded the saved configuration of the project that’s working.

Fair enough – then, no, I’m not sure what’s going on. Sorry…

It looks as though you’ve set a right indent for the text. It could be you’ve set up the default formatting for that particular project to use a right indent, or you may have just set it in that document.

You might check the Formatting pane in Project ▸ Project Settings...; if the Use different default formatting option is ticked, then check that the sample text has a 0 right indent (the right indent slider should be dragged all the way to to the right edge of the ruler, or you can set it specifically in Format ▸ Paragraph ▸ Tabs and Indents.... That will fix it for new documents in your project, and you can update existing ones by selecting them and choosing Documents ▸ Convert ▸ Text to Default Formatting.... You’ll get options about what to preserve or change, so consider what formatting you have in the documents you’re converting in case you need to tick any of these options. (If you’re converting a lot of documents in bulk, you may want to use File ▸ Back Up ▸ Back Up To... to make a full project backup first.)

If you just need to clean up formatting in this document, you can select the text in the editor and drag the right-indent marker all the way to the right of the ruler to remove the indent. (If all the indents and tab settings for the paragraphs are the same, you can do it quickly in the Tabs and Indents... panel, but if the paragraphs have unique formatting you may not want to do that, since it will set all the tabs and indents, not just the right one.)

Sure thing! How I didn’t think of the idents is beyond me…

Thank you very much!
Changing the right indent sort of did it… I’ve managed to “fix it”, but I don’t understand why it behaved like this in the first place.

First, I didn’t have the Use different default formatting option ticked.
Second, when I manually change the option on Tabs and Indents, new documents still get the old right indent value, 20,5 cm.

I’ve looked into the general settings under Editing > Formatting… and this seemed to be doing it. The right indent was at 20,5 cm. To test this, I changed it to 18 cm and created a new document, and of course, the text stopped at 18 cm.

Given that Use different default formatting wasn’t on, shouldn’t my idea - Save Preferences as Preset under the project that was working and upload it to the one that wasn’t - have worked?

To “fix it”, I’ve selected a text from the other project that had no problem, copied, pasted and used it to change the default formatting under general and project settings. Now I have the option Use different default formatting ticked. When I open the Tabs and Indents, it shows 0 for the right one. It seems to be working.

@MimeticMouton, if, by any chance, you do figure out how I broke it, I’d love to hear it. :sweat_smile:

Great, glad it’s solved!

Well, no, because as you found, the issue was in fact with the global default formatting. Preference settings apply to all projects, so there’s no such thing as copying them from one project to another. So either the working project does have Use different default formatting set it in its project settings, or else it was only working in those documents that weren’t using the default formatting, probably created before the preferences were accidentally set to use that right indent. If the project doesn’t have unique default formatting (with that option ticked in Project Settings), then had you created a new document in the other project, it would have suffered the same right-indent problem as the other.

As to how you broke it…I suppose “fiddling with settings and forgetting” is out? :wink: One guess would be having accidentally applied Format ▸ Make Formatting Default while focus was in a paragraph with the right indent set, which could’ve happened by copying and pasting some text with that formatting from another application, or having unintentionally dragged the marker on the ruler (could’ve been done directly in the Preferences too at some point), or maybe using the Format ▸ Increase/Decrease Indents ▸ Increase Right Indent option from a stray click…?