Composition mode - text is invisible/same color as background, version 3.1.5.

This happened recently, not sure when since it’s been a while since I used composition mode on my Mac (these days I’m mainly in the iPad app and in the Windows beta). When I enter comp mode, I get what looks like a blank page, no text, and when I type, I see nothing - but if I switch out of composition mode, the text I typed is there. This happens with new projects and existing ones that never had the problem before.

I have checked the element colors in Preferences and text is black, paper is white. So it should appear.

Any ideas on where I should start with troubleshooting this?

Try selecting the ‘invisible’ text in the editor, then choosing Color > Remove color from the Format menu. Hopefully that will fix it.

Unfortunately this did not solve the problem.

I tested with a new project, default settings, and I had the same result. Even with the text color explicitly set to black, in Composition Mode the text is either invisible or the same color as the paper. (I think it’s not the same color as the paper, since if I change the paper color, the text is still not visible.)

I solved the problem! It was…dumb.

I had Paper Width set to about 1/3 along the slider, and because (for whatever reason) the margins in the mode were set to about 1/3 the width of the paper, all of the text was squeezed into zero pixels of space.

Problem solved!

Glad you figured it out, because that’s something I never would have considered!!! :mrgreen: