"Composition Mode…"

I just spent a confused headscratching and hairtearing fifteen minutes trying (in Leopard) to find Full Screen Mode, because I’ve been away from Scrivener for a few months and didn’t remember the shortcut.

I had to browse the manual to find out that, for some reason to do with Lion (which I’m not going to go near until I absolutely have to), Full Screen has been re named inscrutable “Composition Mode”.

Since this is the wish list thread, I really wish that Scrivener had a way of recognising the System version and retain well established nomenclature in feline environments where Full Screen is unambiguous.



This is a pretty annoying change, I do agree, but unfortunately there just wasn’t much choice in the matter as Apple took all of the terms and reserved them for something else. :confused: However the idea behind pushing the new terminology into all versions is to avoid massive confusion in the documentation, forums, and tutorials—and also since Lion is the inevitable future, to get everyone used to the new terminology as they’ll have to bridge that name change eventually anyway. But do consider how confusing it would be to have support queries for “full screen” always having to be qualified to avoid misunderstandings, let alone having each and every mention of either feature in the manual and tutorials doubled-up. It’s already going to be a bit confusing between Windows and the Mac on this front, but at least there is a platform divide and separate forum sections, rather than mere OS version differences.

Don’t avoid Lion. It’s great! I pretty much stay in full screen now for most apps. It is really nice to just flick back and forth.

“Composition Mode” in my opinion works well for Scrivener, but it would be significantly better if all programs that have similar viewing modes formerly known as full screen used the same new term for it, say, Paper View Mode.

And since it was Apple who got the nomenclature into a muddle, how do they call it in Pages now?

They just use “Full Screen”, but the Pages team decided to stick with only one implementation. We thought it would be cool to offer both a full standard screen mode, people have been wanting something like that for a long time—especially with big corkboards and stuff, it’s nice to just super-maximise the window. But there’s no way we could compromise and only support that instead of a no-distractions writing mode as well, so two methods and a name change were required.

I would imagine that most programs can get by with the route Pages took. Programs that offer a full screen just-the-text writing mode are fairly niche. So I don’t anticipate that it will be a widespread problem. The other main writing program out there that has two modes has had two modes for a long time now. Ulysses switched to calling their no-distraction writing mode, “Console”, back when it went 2.x. So they’re already set.

You mean they dropped the white “paper” on black background mode for the Lion full screen mode in the new version of Pages?

I would prefer to call the distraction free mode the eye friendly mode and because of that it is great for writing apps. Besides in Scrivener I do also use it in DEVONthink and I hope I can talk the Mellel guys into impleting it too.

No, sorry, by that I meant they have just used the Lion Full Screen feature to present the white paper on a black background writing mode. They don’t offer two different full screen implementations like Scrivener does, so they’ve just gone with implementing the old one in the dedicated feature. Hence, they don’t really have a naming problem because there is still only one full screen option. They do not have a full screen with a standard interface option, so there was no need to come up with a unique name for the page on black mode. So what I meant in my above speculations is that I would suspect that most programs will be in Pages’ camp on this topic. They’ll just implement a full screen writing mode as they have, using the new Lion system for doing so. We just thought it would be nice to offer two different options since Scrivener’s primary project window can have a lot of things going on with it. Being able to maximise available space and blot out peripheral Mac stuff is helpful.

Yeah, it would be nice if Mellel could put something together for this, too.