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Hi all

This may be a daft question but hey, if you don’t ask, you’ll never know as they say.

When working on a document in page view, it covers a certain number of pages yet if I compile it, it is spread over a greater number of pages.

For example, the chapter covers 6 pages in the editor but when I compile as an ebook, it covers 13 pages. Is there any way that I can set the editor to display the text over the same number of pages as it would when compiled? I can’t see anything obvious in Preferences.


Point one: when you compile to an ebook you don’t really have pages. The reader can set the font to whatever size they prefer, and whatever typeface they prefer. So pages aren’t relevant to ebook compilation. If you want to have lots of section breaks (an example I’ve worked with: a book of daily meditation with a section break after each day) you can do that, but there’s no real control over how many screens ( not pages) each section takes.

Point two: If you want to get close to visual pages in the editor v. physical pages in printed or PDF output, you can do that, by tweaking page size, margins, font and font size, etc., But it won’t be exact, and it will likely involve modifying both the visual display settings in the editor, and modifying a compile format to match as closely as practical. (See section 16.2 in the manual.) But it won’t be an exact match because Scrivener is not intended to be a WYSIWYG editor. No, there isn’t a single preference you can turn on to make this happen.

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, but I hope the info helps!

Thanks for the reply

Yes, I understand what you’re saying about the end user changing fonts and sizes, I do it myself. The reason I asked is because I just want to see roughly how it will look as an actual book as I’m writing and the default A4 setting wasn’t really doing it for me.

It’s no biggie really, I just wondered if there was a quick setting but I managed to fudge it by setting the page to 6" x 9" so it’s all good now.

Glad you’ve got it working the way you want!


I like your blog BTW, just thinking about setting up my own.