Compsition Mode and Virtual Desktops

When entering Composition Mode, Scrivener won’t stay on its own virtual desktop, but switches to whichever one you switch to.

I can partly confirm this behaviour. I use 4 virtual desktops on Windows with Scrivener on the first one. When going into composition mode and changing to Desktop2 using keyboard shortcuts, Scrivener moves to the next desktop (Desktop2) but does not follow to Desktops3 or 4.

When leaving Composition mode, Scrivener has to be returned to Desktop1 manually.

My workaround is to enter Composition mode and then to move to Desktop2 using Ctrl+Tab to give the preview of all desktops and to select Desktop2 using the mouse click.

However, this only happens early on in the day’s work (I shut down and do a fresh boot every day). After moving backwards and forwards several times thro the virtual desktops and different applications, Scrivener no longer follows changes in Desktop when I go to Composition mode.

Unfortunately, this is like a lot of Windows’ behaviours. Things can be very variable.