Computer Powered Down, Lost Documents, Maybe?

So recently was working on a document and a power outage turned off my computer. Not a problem, scrivener backs up things.
However, went into my program and old data is showing up. Went through all the backups (five of them) and all the same. When I go into the docs section of my backup, and go to file 6, where it should be.
document6 by mistken, on Flickr
All I get are bunch of lines and it says 254 characters instead of actually having my work.
linesdocument6 by mistken, on Flickr
So looking through file explorer I do another search of my title and file 6 pops up and windows has a small summary of a couple of my beginning sentences?!?! SO apparently windows is saving my work or the file is formatted or being viewed wrong?
fileexplorer by mistken, on Flickr
Anybody have this happen?