Comrade Pigfender is 18 today!

Dear Comrade Pigfender,
Welcome to the age of maturity
С Днем Рождения, товарищ (S Dnem Rozhdeniya , tovarishch)

Comrade Viktorivanovitch :wink:

18^1.59 maybe

Happy “you’re freakin’ old” day.


Happy birthday!

So, do you get a lot of chocolate on your birthday since moving to North America? :slight_smile: Here, I thought a Christmas Eve birthday was annoying.

Congratulations, pigfender!

Because I feel that you are a trusting, God-fearing soul, I would like to present you $1 million for your birthday present, courtesy of my dying aunt from Nigeria. There are no strings, only that you use the money to benefit humanity’s great cause towards social harmony. There is no risk to you at all as I will handle all of the necessary transactions. Simply submit your social security number and bank account information.

Again, happy birthday, my dear friend, and go forth in God’s grace.


Now that you are legal and accountable its all downhill from here.

Thanks all for the kind wishes. I had a nice day. :slight_smile:

It is kind of weird trying to go for a birthday meal on Valentines day. A lot of places have set menus in place instead of the normal menu, and it’s much harder to get a table. Other than that It’s not too bad. I don’t see chocolate presents as a hardship :smiley:

I feel your pain. If a restaurant is open on mine, it’s usually empty (which isn’t a bad thing.) More often than not (especially if my birthday’s on a Saturday or Sunday), they’re closed. My fiance’s birthday is the same as mine, so we have a mutually-assured destruction pact, if it comes to alerting the server that it’s the other’s birthday.

Oh, I always tell 'em. Free pudding! :smiley:

Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday to you,
Happy birthday dear Pigfender,
Happy birthday to you

Hip hip! Hooray!
Hip hip! Hooray!
Hip hip! Hooray!

Thanks Nom! :smiley:

It’s still your birthday? Well, happy perpetual birthday to you.

Yay! The longer my birthday lasts, the fewer of them I need!

I don’t think you are doing the math correctly.

I do hardly anything ‘correctly’. Sheeesh.

We’ve noticed. I guess some habits are very difficult to modify.


On the other hand, you also do some things fantastically well. I’m drawing a blank right now, but I’m sure someone can think of one :wink:

No, I think you were right first time.

See? There’s one.


ugh. is he really that young? i,d kinda hoped he would,t live that much longer.
oh well, i can always cling to the possibility of a tragic accident.

happy birthday, i suppose.
can we change the subject now?