Conceptual problem with split

This is not a problem with Scrivener but with my understanding of it. I have checked the documentation, but did not see an answer that seems to apply. Any help appreciated.

  1. In the Binder I have a Chap 1 Folder.

  2. I used Shift-Ctrl-K to break sections of the chapter and that was as expected. Text pages were created under the Chap 1 folder as I expected–I can work on each text page (section) individually and that’s what I wanted.

  3. However… when I go back to the Chap 1 Folder, I see a dotted line with each of the “K” portions still in that folder. I don’t want to see them them there… all I want to see is the chapter introduction I have there. How do I get rid of the “duplicate” sections (with their dotted line separators) I see in my Chapter folder? This is my basic question.

It it my understanding that I can compile the Chap folder and text pages, so they do not need to be “duplicated” in the Chapter file, right?

Thanks for a bit more clarity on this.

Given your description of what you see, I would guess what you are actually looking at is the Scrivenings editing mode, which uses dashed lines to separate sections. This mode is a critical ingredient in the “secret sauce”, it makes it so you can split things up as small as you want, but still ultimately view larger sections (such as whole chapters or more) of the manuscript as though they were still in one long contiguous file. Each sub-component of the current selection will be separated by these dashed lines.

So in other words, what you are looking at are the contents of all the sections in chapter one—not the contents of the chapter one file itself. If you edit any of those, the edits will be made directly to those sections in the binder. They aren’t duplicates, but rather the items themselves being displayed in a linear text editor.

Like the other two view modes (corkboard and outliner) you can turn it off and just view the folder text itself by clicking on the highlight icon in the group view mode control in the toolbar, or by using the relevant command in the View menu. So in this case, Ctrl-1, or View/Scrivenings will turn off the group view mode and just display the folder’s text.

Very clear explanation, AmberV. Just what I needed. Thank you.