Concerning Full-Project Search

I know that I can search the entire project for a word in several ways. The fastest is just to enter a word into the search box at the top right. I’ve been using this for finding a reported typo or phrase that I want to change.

I enter the word, and press the Enter key, and the chapter in which it appears is displayed. I click on the chapter and can see the word highlighted.

At this point I typically want to unhighlight the word and make my changes. However, If I click the x in the search control box, it takes me to another chapter.

Yes, I’ve learned not to try to unhighlight it, but it would be nice if it didn’t jump away from the current chapter.

This sounds like a known issue where coming out of a collection will end up selecting whatever was selected last in the Binder. This is basically what is happening when you click the X button in search. When you’re viewing a search result, you’re actually viewing a special collection (click the second icon from the left to see collection tabs). So in short it should be working the way you want it to, and that it isn’t is a flaw in the implementation.

Of course, one way of getting rid of the search result (and the resulting highlighted text) is to lock the editor before cancelling the search. I’m not sure if that’s better than just leaving the search on until you are done though.

Doesn’t the highlight go away when you make your word change? It does for me.

Yes, it does if I change that word, but often I search for a phrase to move to a location near the typo that I’m fixing. For example, if on my Kindle reader I found that I’d written “He had a accident,” then in Scrivener, I’d search for “accident” and change the “a” to “an.”