Conditional Compilation Limitation

We’ve painted ourselves into a bit of a corner. We created two ToCs one with links for the eBook, one with page numbers for print media. I saw the opportunity to use conditional compilation to flip them instead of ticking them manually. We created two labels “eBook [PDF Xcl]” and “PDF[eBook Xcl]” and used the compiler’s “Apply filter” option to Exclude Documents with Label the one we weren’t using. This worked perfectly. So well, in fact, we started using the labels for other tweaks between the two versions, like web links which are live in the eBook and text in the paperback.

Then we decide to do a Large Print version of several books and the entire system falls apart because this setup is binary and can’t support three options. Is there a better way to implement the original idea so it can support three (or more) conditional compilation options?

I would suggest creating keywords for these attributes. Then search for one keyword, save that search, and use that saved search as a filter on compile to include only documents with that keyword applied to them.