Conditional compile -- only scenes with notes?

Is there a way to compile in a conditional way? My goal is to output only Document Notes and their related scene Names (and to skip all scenes without Document Notes).

I’ve got many chapters, each containing many scenes. But only a handful of scenes have Document Notes at any one time (usually notes-to-self about things to research or fix in the scene). I’ve set up a compile pre-set that outputs only scene Names and related Document Notes. But I end up with dozens of scene Names listed, though only a few have Document Notes as well.

Is there a way to suppress scenes (or scene Names) that do not have Document Notes?

I know I can manually go through and un-check scenes that lack Document Notes…but I’m looking for an automated way to do this sort of conditional selection.

Is this something for the Wish List?

This is possible now.
To do this:

Make a collection that searches for a particular word that you put in your interesting notes. Lets say that word is “TODO”. To make the collection type TODO in the search box at the upper right of Scrivener’s tool bar and in the search options (click the magnifying glass icon) check Notes (and probably only Notes) and save the search as TODO. The search will run and a new collection named TODO will show on the left with the other collections and the binder. In it will be the scene names that have notes containing the word TODO.

I do something similar with annotations thus allowing multiple custom notes in each scene. And the compiler will strip out annotations if I want.

If all you want is an in-Scrivener list of scenes with TODO notes you’re done. If you want to print the scene names and notes there’s more:

In the compiler’s complex section do this:
Under Contents, the manuscript button/menu will now have your TODO collection. Choose it. Only your interesting scenes will be listed.
Under Formatting, probably at the very bottom or last line, uncheck Text and check Notes and Title.
Under Separators, I didn’t try this but you may want to change the scene separator from *** (or whatever you have) to newline to get each note on a separate page.
Compile it into a file of your choice.

Finally, as you change your notes, perhaps deleting the word TODO, the collection will not automatically update. You’ll need to reload the collection to see the changes. I do this by selecting the binder and then re-selecting the collection.

That’s very helpful. Thanks!