Conditional compiling

I’d like to be able to specify in a compile ‘if the main document is empty, use the synopsis instead’.

Or can I already?

I can’t think of anything that would really help you out here. Yeah, I can think of some ways of doing it, but not in one shot. Basically searching for ‘*’ to get all documents / outliner / sort by word count column / select all 0’s / filter by selection and compile with synopsis / compile the rest / piece it all together by hand. Not very satisfactory.

What would solve this is the ability to add collections to the Formatting table. That has problems though—Collections are project specific, so something like the tabbed dichotomy between preset and project Replacements would have to be done—and this panel is confusing enough as it is!

Thanks for your reply Amber. I guess that makes it a bona fide feature request then.

I’m not sure the ‘find 0’ words would work for me either - my documents are screenplay format - does the wordcount work for that?

Earlier you stated the main documents are empty—I’m assuming that means they have zero words? If you’ve got some skeleton stuff in there like a slugline then I guess not, but that might still be something you could detect in a sorted list. 10 word sections as opposed to 400 or what have you.

It would help with that bit, true.

What I really want to achieve though is an output where I can read the synopsis as a kind of place holder for the bits I haven’t written yet, and (the nub of it I guess) being able to do this conveniently in Compile would be great.

I was imagining that something like the $project_title tags could be used to do this. But I guess that would get into conditionals and I have no idea how easy/hard that is to do.

I just thought of a better solution. Same basic idea as before, use the outliner to sort the scene list by word count ascending. However don’t bother with compile, just select them all and use Documents/Append Synopsis to Main Text.