Confidence losing bugginess

I have downloaded the trial of Scrivener for Windows and am really shocked at just how buggy it is. I could never trust it with one of my projects or scripts.

After only typing a few lines of script I saved it to dropbox. I then opened it on my Mac looked at it and closed it again then switched off the mac.

Back on the PC I opened the script again and all the fomatting had gone, lines had merged together and the font type had changed to another type.

I am only grateful I hadnt dedicated a whole body of work to it. What a mess!

I definately will not be purchasing the windows version as it has the potential to ruin your year.

I haven’t tried doing what you’re doing, so I can’t really comment. I haven’t had any problems in using just the Windows version, so perhaps the problem has arisen in the more complex procedure that your work requires rather than in Scrivener for Windows in and of itself.

Someone else will no doubt have a real solution, but I will add that in my brief time on this forum I’ve seen a number of threads that start with “Scrivener ate my work” and end with something like “I changed my Dropbox practices and it’s OK now.” I hope this will turn out to be something easily fixable for you.

Did you do everything mentioned in that thread?

Another remark is that some (maybe all?) of the problems you noted are common to cross-platform rich text editing in general. While RTF is an openly documented format, the variations in which it is produced and read, are nearly as numerous as the quantity of RTF editors. The way a Mac uses RTF isn’t the way WordPad uses RTF, nor is it the way the Qt text engine and our hand-built RTF code works in Windows. There are ways to avoid most of these problems, to my knowledge, but some people just have no end of font issues and other glitches, no matter what software they are using.

Of course, the good thing about Scrivener is that we can sidestep the varieties of RTF flakiness by telling the compiler to just normalise all of the formatting, leaving font problems and such to only offend our aesthetic sensibilities.

That aside, as the others point out, good network hygiene is of utmost importance if you intend to use synchronisation. Always ensure that downloading and uploading is 100% before close/opening Scrivener or shutting down the computer, and never open the project twice.

There are a couple of genuine bugs here though.

{Random?} Font changing still happens to me as I switch OSes, but that’s of realtively minor concern. The other one to look out for is any documents you’ve flagged as 'Page Break Before". These flags seem to be lost when switching between OSes.

Been using Scrivener for Windows since it was released, firstly as a trial then bought it, overall this is a brilliant tool for writing.