Configurable Full Screen with PDF and notes document

Hi all, I’ve been enjoying using Scrivener for a while now and am about start using it for my PhD. I’ve been creating projects for PDF note-taking and other prep-documents.

I’ve searched the forums and wonder if: would it be possible to have some flexibility/configurability about what views appear in full screen mode. The current HUDs are very useful. But I was surprised I couldn’t arrange a PDF and a live notes document as two views in full screen mode.

This may be counter to distraction free writing (too many onscreen elements) - but might support distraction free reading and note-taking.

Great application and a great update!

Regards, Ian Grant
Head of Art and Design, TVU, Ealing London. UK.

Hi Ian,

Thanks for the kind words. The full screen isn’t intended as a full replacement or alternative to the main view (which would sort of defy its purpose and also mean an awful lot of replication on my part); it is more intended as a place for straightforward hammering out words when you don’t need so much access to research.

All the best,

As an alternative, you might try using Skim, which has a full screen mode and notation tools. At the end of the process you can export the notes as text and drop them into Scrivener.


I, too, am using Scrivener for drafting a PhD. However, I admit that my workflow is nowhere near as Scrivener centric as yours though I’d like it to be more so.

I wonder, could you share a fuller description when you have a moment, and perhaps a screenshot/sample file or two?