Configurable Template / Compile Settings location

Currently, the custom Project Templates and Compile Settings are stored in the Local branch of AppData. In my configuration, this location is not included in my Dropbox folder, so doesn’t sync across my devices. (My projects are in my Dropbox folder, so I have those available on my laptop and on my Surface tablet.) I haven’t found a way to change the location for Templates and Compile.

This has two undesirable consequences for people like me who rely on Dropbox both for backup and for device syncing. One, I need to create my Project Templates and Compile Settings on each device (or dig into AppData and manually copy them across devices). Two, the location is not included in my backup (= Dropbox), so after a system crash, they are lost.

Making these locations configurable enables all users to select a location that supports their preferred way of working and their backup solution.

There is already a native way of handling external folders in the Dropbox sync system. Check out symbolic linking for tips.

How excellent! Thanks very much, I had no idea Dropbox could handle external symlinks. Problem solved!

Symbolic links in the Dropbox folder to get folders outside Dropbox to sync with Dropbox seems a bit flawed. If the source folders have different paths on different devices, the symlink breaks on one of them after syncing.

However, I was able to solve my real issue by reversing the solution: store my CompileSettings and ProjectTemplates in Dropbox, and replacing my absolute C:\Users<username\Scrivener\Scrivener\ folders with symlinks to the Dropbox copies. Tests show that Scrivener doesn’t mind retrieving CompileSettings and ProjectTemplates from symlinks, and I can still save new compile settings and project templates, which sync across devices.

Yes, I believe that is the preferred direction for handling things in most cases these days. There may have been a time when Dropbox handled the more logical direction better, but the advice I’ve seen within the past few years has been to keep the symlinks pointing to the original data in its folder.