Configuring Unassigned Shortcuts?

Sorry to be dumb, but I can’t work out how to assign a keyboard shortcut. :confused: There are enough posts suggesting it is possible, but none that describes how.

I won’t be using Edit->Insert->Image From File… at all, preferring to use Edit->Insert->Image From Linked File… instead.

How do I get Insert Image From Linked File to appear in the Preferences->Options->Keyboard dialog?

Once I know how to do that, reassigning Ctrl-G Ctrl-J should be straight forward.

Not all of the menu items are available yet in the Keyboard options, so you’re not doing anything wrong, this just isn’t listed. We are intending to make all the menu options available for custom shortcuts, but they have to be wired up individually and we just haven’t gotten there yet.

Meanwhile, you might find the accelerator keys useful for this: Alt, E, I, L.