Confine Format Bar to Text Column (not Inspector)

As far as I can tell, the format bar never applies to the content of the Inspector. However, it hovers over the Inspector (in addition to the text editor column) instead of confining itself to the text column.

My attention was drawn to this issue because one of the dividers on the toolbar was (coincidentally) hovering right over the edge of the Inspector. I thought the right half of the toolbar menu was actually a different toolbar with different options that applied to the inspector. This won’t necessarily happen often, but I suspect the fix would involve a minor reorder of the subviews.

As an additional argument for the change, consider that the Inspector can be locked. When locked, the Inspector isn’t necessarily linked to the content in the editor window. However, a common toolbar gives that impression.

I suspect you made this design decision to prevent users from runing out of toolbar real estate when they had the inspector open. An alternative approach is to offer a second toolbar (immediately below the first) for anyone who lacks horizontal real estate. They would have to manually assign some of the toolbar icons to the second toolbar (lower row of icons), but wouldn’t have much to complain about. You might even offer an option to show/hide the second toolbar with the Inspector window.

Actually, the formatting toolbar does affect the inspector - it affects the document and project notes in the inspector. So it does make sense for it to pass above the inspector for that reason, as well as for allowing enough screen estate to show all items on small screens.

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