Confirm Close

I am using Scrivener interactively with two or three other programs, thus sometimes it takes the focus and sometimes not. Several times now I have wanted to minimize it but instead close it. Is it possible to have a ‘confirm this close’ before the file closes. It is not a big thing, and usually I don’t want such an option, but it would be very handy at times.


That would be very much against the standard UI, and in general I’m against “Are you sure” dialogue boxes except when the action would lead to data-loss otherwise, as they just prove annoying to most users.

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I agree that most of the time it is a pain in the a**, but it would be nice to have it as an option; one that could be managed via preferences. Thus most users would probably choose to not have the warning; others would – at least some of the time.

SO, given your response, I doubt it will be of high priority, but it still is a wish.


Can I ask how you are attempting to minimise it? My assumption, based on the fact that you sometimes accidentally close a window, is that you are clicking on the “traffic light” buttons in the upper left (this, in turn, assumes you are using a Mac). Have you considered using Cmd-M to minimise windows instead? No risk of accidentally hitting the wrong key (since the ‘W’ key, used in Cmd-W to close a window, is a long way from the ‘M’ used to minimise it) and it has the added benefit of not needing to move your fingers from the keyboard.

If you are using Windows the principles above still apply; just rephrase the specifics with the Windows equivalents.

I was unaware of the shortcut, but will try to use it in future. I use shortcuts a great deal when writing (old Wordstar addict), but not so much for other stuff.



If you don’t use many Scrivener keyboard shortcuts, then you might be interested in visiting this site for a list of all Scrivener’s hidden (and not so hidden) key-combos.

If you want a “cheat” for remembering shortcuts in lots of different applications, then the free application CheatSheet is great way of learning them.