Confirm removing of elements in the Binder?

How could a confirmation be shown before an item (folder, text) in the Binder is removed?

I don’t know if this is possible.

Do you know that if you do delete a folder or file from the Binder, it is only moved to the Trash folder at the bottom of the Binder?

If you attempt to empty the trash, a confirmation box is displayed.

Perhaps the devs think this destructive point is the only action that requires a confirmation check. It is the only time when files and folders are actually removed from projects entirely.

Thank you.

Yes, I cannot find an option that might do it.

Yes, I know , thank goodness it does. Somehow I removed two folders accidentally one after the other noticing it each time, but if…

Yes, a confirmation before emptying the trash.

Yes, may be one should check the bin before emptying, but a full bin could contain lot of waste to be checked.

Many thanks again